Years (Since 2003)

Lanka Software Foundation (LSF) was established in 2003 as a company limited by guarantee and as “not for profit” organization with the vision of positioning Sri Lanka as a “global Free and Open Source (FOSS) Research & Development hub”.


Successful projects

We have successfully incubated global open source projects such as; Apache Axis 2 C++, Apache Axis2 Java; a Disaster Management System by the name of Sahana and we also contributed to Apache Geronimo.


Reputation / Awards

Our projects, have been funded by global organizations such as SIDA, Google, IBM, Globus, and locally – ICT Agency.Over the years, LSF has provided fellowships and internships to over 100 software developers.

Our Mission : "Fueling FOSS in Sri Lanka"

LSF strives to create SOCIAL, ECONOMIC, EDUCATIONAL and INNOVATION value for the country.


Open Source


Software Development

Our Team



Karsha is a research project related to financial industry. “Karsha” is a word obtained for Sanskrit which means cash.The Karsha project aims to develop next generation financial cyberinfrastructure tools to support data science for finance.Read More

Sahana - Disaster management system

Sahana is a Free and Open Source Disaster Management system. It is a web based collaboration tool that addresses the common coordination problems during a disaster from finding missing people, managing aid, managing volunteers, tracking camps effectively between Government groups, the civil society (NGOs) and the victims themselves. Read More

Ninithi - Modelling and Simulation Software for Nano technology

Ninithi is a free and opensource software developed to visualize and analyze the carbon allotropes used in nanotechnology. Ninithi can be used to visualize Carbon nanotubes, Graphene/ nanoribbons and Fullerene and Read More

eScience - Open Grid Computing Environment Toolkit

Open Grid Computing Environment (OGCE) E-Science toolkit provides a platform for scientists to compose, execute, monitor and share their experiments as scientific work flows. E-Science projects are often conducted Read More

pache AXIS 2 and AXIS C++

SOAP is an industry-standard XML-based communication Protocol for communicating between applications. The Apache Axis Java project develops the most widely recognized and used, open source Java SOAP implementation.Read More

Dalesa - Peer-to-Peer Web Cache

Dalesa is a Free and Open Source Peer - to - Peer web caching software licensed under GPL - 2 that will improve web performance in your local area network.Read More

Sri Lanka Innovation Dashboard

The Sri Lanka Innovation Dashboard provides information about the current national status regarding Science, Technology and Innovation. The Dashboard has two primary objectives.One is to ensure the delivery of stable, Read More


Project: Sahana

Award: Free Software Award 2008


Project: Dcache

Award: e-Swabhimani 2009


Project: Ninithi

Award: Winner e-Swabhimani 2010


Project: Ninithi

Award: National Best Quality Software Award


Project: Ninithi

Award: The Manthan Award South Asia 2010


Project: Ninithi

Award: APICTA (participation) 2010



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